Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I like the sound of blogging, it means I can rant on about all the things in life I either love or hate. So today, my mood wasn't the best at all; the thought of a chemistry exam at 9:00am that I'd barely revised for wasn't the most uplifting of things. However, I think the exam went quite well and my mood was lifted as soon as I left the exam hall. From then on I've had a pretty easy day, had a few good laughs, even managed to snap a fork. The only bad thing about my good moods is my music taste goes dreadfully downhill... Tonight I've been listening to Tinchy Stryder, Lil Wayne and Akon compared to my usual Arctic Monkeys, You Me At Six and Bring Me The Horizon. I don't know why, but good moods just bring out my old taste in music. Maybe they're trying to tell me I was happier before I met new people and changed? Idk. But I wouldn't got back to how I was. Not a chance. So yeah, had a lovely night of math revision (sarcasm) ready for my M9 resit tomorrow. All I can say is I better pass. And on that note, as the exam is in around 11 hours time I best be off to bed. Probably won't sleep but oh well, gotta at least try! 

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