Sunday, 30 January 2011


Just realised I named my last blog "12.01.2010." Bit of a fail really seeing as though it's 2011. When I got Blogger I said to myself I would blog everyday; over 2 weeks after writing my first post I've just remembered I actually have a blog. Whoops. So not much has happened over the last couple of weeks. Had exams, that's about it really, all of which I have certainly failed. This will be down to the fact I cba revising and think I can get through life by guessing. Which I can't. But I just have no motivation atm. There's always something more important to do than revision. I've also found out how gullable I actually am. I mean I thought magic carpets were real. My bad. Another thing I've found out is how hypercritical some people are. They don't even realise they're doing it, but I don't want to cause any trouble by telling them, it wouldn't be worth the upset. My moods have been all over the place recently. One minute I can be in an amazing mood and thinking that life is the most amazing thing ever then the the next I'm in a depressing mood where all I want to do is get away from here. It's pretty shit really. It annoys me when people are constantly happy. How can they get through life without complicated situations when all you want to do is sit and cry? As you may have guessed I am a very jealous person and it's one of my worst habits. Except biting my nails; that's my worst. Well I'm off for some food because the last thing I ate was a Granny Smith's apple over 15 hours ago. Ciaooooo.

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