Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Pinch punch first of the month! So today's been a pretty average day, nothing major happened. There was the usual banter and laughs and that's it really. Lunch time was probably the best part of my day actually. Sat in the art room while Jack was doing some art, myself, Sophie, Katiee and Ryan were discussing bins and what happens in them if you're with a certain person. I can honestly say I haven't laughed as much as I did today in a long, long time. I love my friends; I can be in such a bad mood and within a minute of being with them my mood has been lifted. So yeah, had some interesting conversations at in the art room. Volleyball was interesting, it has got to be one of the most painful sports ever! And when a ball comes flying at you it's so scary! Or maybe I'm just a wimp? So school was pretty boring really. I found out how much of a stalker Catherine Allanson is when it comes to Johnny Depp. She even knows which house is his in Paris... Which leads me onto one of the best things ever! This morning I turned on the tv and found out Fernando Torres had signed for Chelsea for £50,000,000. It wasn't much of a surprise with all the rumours flying about, deals being made between Chelsea and Liverpool and Torres going to Stamford Bridge for a fitness test but I was so happy it's unreal. For anyone who doesn't know about my obsession with Torres, it's pretty big. Tbh, I think he's one of the most beautiful people alive. I mean his book's sat next to me right this minute. Katiee's just sent me the link for The Blackout's new song, "Ambition Is Critical". I love it! I've seen them twice and they were amazing both times. The first gig of their's that I went to was at The Empire in Middlesbrough 03.12.10 and the second gig I saw then at was at The Dome in Doncaster 10.12.10 where they supported You Me At Six. I don't know what to talk about now so m'off.

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