Monday, 7 February 2011


My "I'm going to blog every day" thought has gone out of the window. This is my 4th post in like a month? Anyway, over the last week hardly anything has happened. Well, nothing important anyway. All I've done is go to college, listen to music and watch movies. Oh and sleep a tiny bit. So I found out I was moving into a new form. I was actually mortified I was leaving Joe and Meghan; we used to have so much fun. Now I'm in an "Under-achieving High Aspirations" form. Yeah, fun eh. So I sat this morning and had to fill in a sheet about my future basically. I just wanted to cry. I have ideas what I want to do, I just know I won't succeed in it and my choices are all so different! Do I join the army!? Do I train to be a physiotherapist!? Do I train to be a psychiatrist!? Do I go into music production!? Arghhh! It's so bloody hard! I'd prefer it if someone came up to me and gave me a life plan! I'm so bad at making choices it's unreal. And after I've made them I nearly always regret them or think what might have happened if I'd chose differently. I think over things too much. Like today at choir (yawnnnn) I was thinking "What if I had chosen to sing soprano instead of alto?" and proper bored myself about how I might be different if I'd sang soprano. I really need to stop thinking so much, cos tbh, I think I'm just gonna go through life regretting everything that I do. Back onto some happier stuff... I have found a new love for lacrosse! It's actually one of the funnest sports ever! Yes, I'm shit at it but I really enjoyed it and it really uplifted my mood. And we got to play it inside, not out in the wind! That wind is bloody awful. I was in the printer room and found a piece of paper saying "If I was called Harry Potter I would show Hermoine my wand." It's safe to say me and Dan were near enough pissing ourselves. How childish. So that's been today really! Might aswell go back to the weekend. Saturday I went to Scarborough and went to my favourite shop ever! That's right, HMV! <3 Possibly the best thing ever that shop! Or it was untill I went in and found out Glamour Of The Kill's new album "The Summoning" was sold out! So instead I bought Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams", Good Charlotte's "Cardiology", Kings Of Leon's "Youth & Young Manhood", "Aha Shake Heart Break" and "Because Of The Times" (meaning I now have all 5 KOL albums! How exciting!). I also bought "Valkyrie" and "The Hangover". Mum got me my first Cadbury's Creame Egg of the year! Easter soon! I also got some hair dye. It said it was brown, the picture looked brown, yet my hair is now a reddy/purple colour; bright red in the sunlight. I was actually gutted. I proper want brown hair! How boring of me. Yesterday I went onto Georgie's house. We played Fifa, drank cups of tea, did her english homework, watched "Youth In Revolt" then watched the Chelsea vs. Liverpool match. I was buzzing. Fernando Torres in a Chelsea shirt! NOM! What a beautiful man. I could be here all night expressing my love for him. He's amazing. End of. Went home at half time which was pretty bad seeing as though my mum doesn't have Sky Sports :/ then I found out that Chelsea had lost by one goal, which I wasn't too pleased about, but what can you do, ey? Awful sleep last night, all 1 and a half hours of it, meant I looked and felt dead this morning. So that's brought us full circle really. After college I watched some of last night's "NFL Superbowl". I actually really enjoyed what I saw, but I wish I actually knew the rules haha. I think tonight's plan is going to be... Have a bath, listen to some music (my music taste's gotten real heavy; Slayer, Motorhead and things like that!), then watch "Outcasts". I actually don't have a clue what it's about but I've got nothing better to do. Then I might watch "Episodes" cos it's supposed to be quite funny. I shall have to see! Anyway, if you're still reading this you must be so bored it's unreal, cos my life is utter shite. Ciaooo!

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