Saturday, 12 February 2011


Another boring day in the life of Becca Hogarth. Last night I kept having nightmares about my tablets; like how I'd choke on them or they'd explode in my stomach or how they'd be so big they wouldn't fit in my mouth. I kept waking up aswell so when it got to quarter past 8 I was so tired and thought I'd slept in and missed the school bus. Fail. So I went back to sleep and got up at half 11. Mum told me that when she got back at lunch time we'd be going to the chippy. I have to take a tablet an hour before I eat so I figured I'd take one when mum got back and by the time we'd gone to Whitby to the chippy and back it would be an hour after I took the tablet. Mum got in at half 12 and had already got some stuff for lunch. This meant I had to wait until half 1 for lunch. I was starving! Then this afternoon I sat and cut up some Kerrang! magazines and Jack Wills handbooks. Pretty pointless but it kept me entertained. Today I've also listen to Arctic Monkeys' album "Humbug" 9 times. Excessive I know but I bloody love it! Their best by far! This afternoon me and Em also had a little debate about hot people. She doesn't think Alex Turner is hot! Shame on her! He's beautiful! I've just had a parmo and it was yummy! Half an hour's time I'm babysitting for a couple on the next street to mine. Should be interesting.... I can't think of any other foreign way to say bye, so byeee xx