Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Three days in a row that I've remembered to blog! Well it's only going to be a short blog today. The reason being I'm ill. I woke up this morning with really bad pains under my ribs and just felt like complete shit. So I stayed off college and laid and watched tv for a bit. The highlight of my day was The Jeremy Kyle Show. It was proper cute. They found this girl's dad after 32 years! Then I fell asleep. I got up and mum took me to the doctors. We found out why my ribs have been hurting. My body produces too much acid in my stomach which is why I get the pains. Nice. Because I'm ill I also had to miss my hair cut. I'm pretty gutted actually; I haven't had it cut for 7 weeks and I've got to wait another 3 for an appointment. It's gonna be awful. I've just had some toast. Can't say it was very nice but meh, I'm ill. Just found out Deaf Havana are supporting Feeder on friday. This was another concert I planned on going to but had no money (N). See, I said it was only going to be a short blog. It's shite I know but this is all I've done today. Hasta la vista!

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