Friday, 11 February 2011


Today has been a good day for me! Well kinda. I had really bad trouble sleeping last night and was still awake at half 4. Usually this wouldn't bother me but I had an alarm set to get up at quarter past 8. Everyone's been saying how they were going to have lie-ins on the two days off that we got, and I would of loved to have had one, but I've had more important things to do. I mean tickets for Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield went on sale at 9 this morning so I had to get up! So I sat refreshing the TicketMaster page from half 8 onwards waiting for the tickets to be released. It got to 9 and it was so easy! I ordered 4 tickets and was finished by 09:05. I went back on at 09:15 to see if there was queues and stuff like I thought there would be. I was right. I felt sorry for people stuck in queues to get tickets. Turns out both gigs were sold out by 09:30! 10,000 tickets for the gig I'm going to and I've got 4 of them! 17 weeks today! Ahhh, I'm excited already. Right, calm, go onto other things. So after that I was a bit bored really. I just sat and listened to music. Went downstairs, made some lunch then put The Vaccines and Arctic Monkeys on full volume. Mum got in from work and made me turn the music off. I was a bit gutted really, I was in a well good mood! But then she put my Jack Johnson album on so that was nice and relaxing. We then went into town because I needed to go to the bank. I need my own credit card. I had to use mum's this morning but I felt mean just taking £145 off her for tickets so that's why I went to the bank so that I could pay her back. When I went to pay the money into my mum's account for her the lady in the bank was horrible. She talked to me as if I'd nicked the card and that I was low-life. Urgh. Went shopping in Nisa and got some custard doughnuts. Mmmm! Then when we were walking back to the car we say Katiee and Dan. Katiee said "Hi", I said "Hi" back, when we'd walked a bit further mum said that she thought that Katiee had been talking to her haha. Oh Katiee. Hopefully we're going to see Glamour Of The Kill next Saturday with Alex! Should be good! Right, back to today. We got back in the car and started driving home. For those of you who don't know my mum drives a Subaru Impreza. It's really noisy and embarrassing but everyone thinks she's cool cos she has one. Some random kid kinda laid on the bonnet while we were waiting at the traffic lights. I really didn't know what to say. When we got back into Bay I went to the doctors' surgery to pick my tablets up then went to my uncle's pub, The Grosvenor. He's just had it re-done, all the interior and stuff, and it's gorgeous! It looks completely different! Got home, took my tablets out and they're massive! No Exaggeration! I really don't want to take them but I'm going to have to. And that's it really. Had salad for tea. Yum! Tonight's gonna be the usual, sit on my laptop all night and read about how other people's life's are more interesting than mine! Hasta La Vista xxx

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