Thursday, 10 February 2011


Oh today's a good day! Very good indeed! Hehehehehe! No, I'm not on drugs. I just spoke to my dad, and he's letting me order tickets for Arctic Monkeys in the morning! Wooooo! If you don't already know I'm pretty much obsessed with them cos they're frickin' amazing! So yeah, that's me getting up early in the morning so I can sit and wait for tickets. Back to today... So I got up, got changed, did my hair then realised I had the day off college. So I got back into bed and put some cds onto iTunes. I sync'ed Georgie's iPod for her then walked onto her house to give it to her. She's gone on holiday for 2 weeks and I'm so so jealous! She's gonna come back black! So I went to the surgery to pick my tablets up and the idiot doctors didn't have them. Hmphhh. So I've got to get them tomorrow now. I came home, stoppes at the shop on my way back for a More! magazine and a shitty 35p energy drink that didn't give me any energy whatsoever, made myself some pasta and sat and watched the music channels for a bit. Mum got back from work and basically told me that the Arctic Monkeys' gig is gonna be a "missive drugs fest full of scum and low-life". Her loss I suppose. I had my tea, which was chicken kievs, then sorted my cds out. My cds have to be in alphabetical order of artist then year of the album if I have more than one of each artist. My cd rack is the only tidy thing about my room and I bloody love it. I know it's sad but sometimes I take them off the rack, mess them up, then put them back in alphabetical order. OCD I think. Or I'm just weird? I'll let you decide... Then I went into my wardrobe and found a load of my old cds, like 30 of them! All my old "NOW" albums, my "R 'N' B" albums, Girls Aloud, Spice Girls, Steps, Black Eyed Peas, High School Musical, Camp Rock and the best album ever; Chris Brown - Exclusive: The Forever Edition. It's possibly one of my most favourite albums ever! I know everyword, even to the rap parts. I used to be obsessed with Chris Brown because, tbh, he's amazing. His voice is gorgeous and he's even more gorgeouser! Which brings be back to the phone call with dad. We don't even know if he's going to be at home or not but I'm ordering the tickets anyway! I'm a bit gutted that the gig's on the same weekend as Download but I think I'd rather see Arctic Monkeys again and save my money for Leeds Fest. Another thing that cheered me up today was seeing Fernando Torres in More! magazine. He looked hawwwwwt. As did Ashley Cole. I proper hope Cheryl Cole doesn't read More! cos it was saying about how Ashely's gonna try win her back on Valentine's day. What if they've ruined the surprise!? Silly magazine! On a lighter note I was feeling pretty cool so I decided to post all over Dan Hetherton's Formspring account how gorgeous he is. For those of you who don't know he's the drummer out of Elliot Minor. I kinda follow him on Formspring and Twitter and I'm his friend on Facebook. I've never seen Elliot Minor but I really want to! Their music's so easy to listen to! Until saturday night 3 of my best friends are going to be out of the country and I'm really quite jealous. Georgie goes to Fuerteventura for 2 weeks tonight, Sophie goes to Paris for 4 days tonight and Alex gets back from skiing on saturday. I could really do with a holiday. I was spoilt last year; I had 33 days abroad last year. So far this year I've had none! But my Swedish exchange student Elin comes over soon and I can't wait! It's gonna be a great week! Right, I think this post has gone on far far far too long now and if you're still reading it then CONGRATULATIONS! Auf Wiedersehen!

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