Sunday, 13 February 2011


That's why I'm easyyyy, easy like Sunday morningggggg. Wow, I'm cool. So last night I babysat for the cutest 2 year old ever! She's called Amelia and she's lovely. I sat and watched Prison Break for 2 hours until 9, watched Miami Ink for an hour, Benidorm for a bit then Match Of The Day. I love babysitting! I mean you get paid to watch tv! I got £20 for last night which I'm pretty impressed with. When I got in I wasn't tired at all. I was still awake at 4. Then I woke up this morning at 9. I can't remember why mum came in, but I wasn't best pleased. Went back to sleep for a bit then got up at half 11. I put my laptop on and decided to look for some new clothes. I really really really want a pair of desert boots! They're so cute! Then I went and had some lunch and put Valkyrie on. Unfortunately, yet again, I fell asleep watching it. I have a confession. My music taste is going downhill. Majorly. Today I listened to Lil' Wayne's albums "Tha Carter III" and "Rebirth" and I really enjoyed them! I just feel totally chilled out when I listen to Lil' Wayne. I really like him. I found out Bradley can definately come to see Arctic Monkeys in June! Eeeeee! We can't wait! Ermmmm, I don't think much else has happened today. Made some plans with Alex about the Glamour Of The Kill concert on Saturday. I can't wait! I love their new album! Had Sunday dinner. I hated it. I really don't like beef tbh. It just tastes funny. So I sat and ate my broccolli. Came back on here. Dad rang. That's it really. Shit day. Shit blog. Top Gear's on now so that's schweeeeeeet. xx

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