Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I remembered to blog! But only cos Em reminded me sometime today, possibly after college? idk. But, as per, my day's been pretty boring. Started off in form, had to write a short story using sentences Miss Beattie had already wrote. My brain is never in gear at 08:50 on a morning, so I can safely say I failed. First lesson was science. Me and Bradley became scientists for an hour and did some experiment for our chemistry coursework. We kinda failed a bit and ended up pouring about half a litre of acid into a sink... Oh and I also managed to pour acid onto my hand; good lesson ey. Next I had volleyball and I really wasn't looking forward to it. Started off attempting to hit the ball over the net with Sally, Emma, Hannah and Elle. Gotta admit, it was a good laugh. Then Miss Welford put us into teams. I was on a team with Emma, Hannah, Dougie, Bruce, Jacob and Caleb. We were pretty good tbh. The team we played was Dani, Elly, Jaye, Dan, Isaac and Kevin. There was a bit of vivalry between the lads but it was good. I actually managed to get the ball over the net! I know! Amazing isn't it! After volleyball I bumped into Mr Wolley and we had a nice little chat. Then it was break, so me, Sophie and Megan went into the canteen and Sophie and Megan ate. Sophie had a poppy seed bread bun (the poppy seeds looked like caviar!) and Megan had a cheese scone. My third lesson was science, yet again, and I ended up spending the lesson writing up some tables of results for my chemistry coursework. Not a lot happened that lesson except me and Hannah danced a bit and I wrote on Bradley's hand cos he was taking the piss outta my voice. For lunch me and Hannah went down into the music room. We ate, played some songs, went for a fat walk then played some more music. My mum made me a massive sandwich for my lunch. I have never seen bread so thick in my life! And I never thought pork and cucumber would taste good together... Forth lesson I had citizenship. Sami wasn't in so I went and sat next to Ryan, who informed me he thought Sophie was in a mood with him cos he called her a "failed abortion". Can see why really. So we were learning about pressure groups and that was it really. I got a Kerrang! magazine out and me and Ryan went bird spotting. We found Oli Sykes, Matt Nicholls and Hayley Williams. Last lesson I had biology. I think I may have shocked Mr Leggatt a bit, knowing the answer to a question on starch and osmosis. He was smiling, so I guess he was pleased. We had to watch some boring videos. One of them said "big black thing" and Josh burst out laughing. It was pretty funny if I'm honest. Me and Em had a bit of a debate about who was the fittest outta You Me At Six. I said Josh Franceschi and Em said Dan Flint. Tbh Dan is quite hot but Fransexi is just something else. Lesson ended, went over to Em's locker. She was billed and had to walk home by herself. Not even Dan would walk with her. So I walked up to the bus stop and me, Catherine, Kaya, Jess and Hannah thought we'd see how many Ford Focus cars went past. It was quite a lot. On the bus not a lot happened. Me and Catherine talked about Paris and Sweden. That's it really. Got home, there was nothing in the cupboards so I came upstairs and put Glamour Of The Kill's new album on. It's AMAZING! I downloaded it last night and hopefully I'm going to see them a week on saturday! Which reminds me... Tonight Murderdolls and Black Veil Brides are at The Empire. Me, Sophie, Katiee, Ryan, Jack and Alex were gonna go. But it never happened. Sophie and Jack are going to Paris on thursday and Alex went skiing on saturday. I really love Black Veil Brides; Andy Sixx's voice is gorgeous! Many people don't agree with me but I love how low it is! So instead I'm going to listen to some more music, watch Gok's Clothes Roadshow at 8 then Big Fat Gypsy Weddings at 9. I don't want to sound ignorant or anything but if gypsys don't work how can they afford such big dresses? Maybe they nick them? I didn't want that to sound harsh but it probably did. Oh well. One thing I was quite pleased about today was my hair. To say I'm not a fan of the colour it's really soft! I like it being dark, suits me a lot better I think. I haven't really got much more to say so Au Revoir!

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  1. 1/ i reminded you in science
    2/LOL at josh
    3/ i was amazed you knew that science question
    4/ i am right when it comes to you me at six nom
    5/ i was not billied i like walking on my own
    6/ you over think big fat gypsy weddings too much